Total Transformation
  • Ajna - 2 pax booking - Shared bed – $3,094.00
  • Ajna - Private – $3,640.00
  • Anahata - Semi-Private Room (Shared Bath) – $3,360.00
  • Manipura - 2 pax booking - Twin or Shared bed – $3,570.00
  • Manipura - Private – $4,200.00
  • Muladhara - 2 pax booking - Twin or Shared bed – $3,332.00
  • Muladhara - Private – $3,920.00
  • Sahasrara - 2 pax booking - Shared bed – $3,808.00
  • Sahasrara - Private – $4,480.00
  • Svadhisthana Room 1 - Private – $4,060.00
  • Svadhisthana Room 1 – Two Pax booking – Twin Share – $3,451.00
  • Svadhisthana Room 2 - Private – $3,780.00
  • Svadhisthana Room 2 - Two pax booking - Shared bed – $3,213.00
  • Vishuddhi - 2 pax booking - Shared bed – $2,975.00
  • Vishuddhi - Private – $3,500.00

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Bali Total Transformation

Guided by Lola Taylor and Georgia Arnold

August 5 - 19, 2017

Natural Instinct Healing are now offering our clients the “Rolls Royce” of fasting, detox, and healthy food experiences with our Total Transformation program in Bali.

Retreat Summary:  Our 14-Day Total Transformation Retreat is a combination of a two day pre-fast alkaline liquid Superfood Cleanse, followed by our ten night fasting detox program, finishing with another two day post-fast liquid Superfood re-integration.

The retreat is a truly transformational holistic body and mind experience; incorporating two days of pre-fast cleansing to ease the body into the experience, an amazing 10 day fasting detox program, followed by a further two days of delicious super food integration. The result? A program that transforms lives by taking a 14 day health and healing journey embracing the healing process through body, mind, heart and soul discovery.

Rejuvenation, relaxation, rest and repair is what this nurturing program is all about – allowing you to nurture your mind, body and soul by following a healthy detox diet, fasting, and creating a sacred space for you to become still and go within. It is about nurturing all parts of your being and giving your mind and body a rest by taking time out to meditate, process and heal all parts of that wonderful person that is you.

Total Transformation initially incorporates a healthy pre-fast alkalising diet to prepare your body for detox fasting.  Synergistically combined with a fasting detox incorporating yoga, meditation, steam and sauna, restorative and healing treatments with our practitioners and all the support and freedom you desire, this program is a perfect tool to counteract the stresses of a busy and hectic lifestyle. The final two days of the retreat gently reintroduce your body (and mind!) back into a healthy and healing space through organic superfoods, soups, elixirs and smoothies.

The cleansing effects of a healthy diet and fasting in conjunction with spiritual and emotional support allows you to discover, uncover and reveal parts of who you are in a peaceful and healing environment. It is the perfect retreat if you are looking for a thorough cleanse or have been through emotional or physical stress – as we incorporate practical workshops, a fasting detox, and rebuilding your vitality. The Total Transformation allows you to reconnect, rejuvenate and heal – just like someone giving you a big warm hug this journey is all about nurturing yourself.

Who would benefit from our Simply Rejuvenate program?

If you are one of the many suffering the effects of a ‘burnout’ this program is definitely suited for you.

For people coming off a fasting program and wanting to re-introduce food in a supportive environment without the pressures or responsibilities from family, friends and co-workers.

If you are wanting to eat and live more healthily in everyday life however are finding that the information is overwhelming out there and it is “too hard to change” come and let us take all the stress out of it for you and have a nice, relaxing and refreshing holiday where you will actually go home feeling like you have had a holiday!

Total Transformation is also great for people recovering from illness, surgery or severe emotional stress.  Give your body, mind, heart and spirit the support you need to recover completely and go home feeling great.

What is included in the program?

  • Pre-cleanse support and information before coming to the retreat
  • Airport transfers
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • All inclusions listed as part of your 10 night fasting detox program and four nights of our Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse
  • Workshops on a variety of topics including nutritional, eating for health, food as medicine, conscious cleansing, emotional clearing, hormonal balance and weight loss.
  • 2 x one on one personal session of your choice (choose from Naturopathy, Nutritional medicine, vibrational and intuitive healing, reiki, emotional clearing, PSYCH-K®, Holoenergetics®, iridology, flower essence therapy and lifestyle counseling)

About the Retreat Hosts

Lola Taylor

Lola Taylor

Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy Lola grew up in Tasmania-Australia. Raised by parents who lived off the land and practised the art of natural living, Lola pursued her passion for food as medicine by completing her Bachelor Degree in Naturopathy. Her empathic nature led her to pursuing a career that offered holistic practices to […]

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Georgia Profile Small

Georgia Arnold

Georgia has a passion for all things health and adventure. She has a strong belief that being healthy doesn’t need to be hard or boring, but more about living a life full of exploration and following your curiosities. Georgia loves sitting down with people and chatting about their beliefs, dreams, desires and helping them to […]

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